At Sourock, we realize the importance of privacy for our customers and take it very seriously. We are highly committed to protecting the information and details shared by our customers. We keep this information safe and secure and never divulge it to others.

Terms like we and us are used in this privacy policy to refer to Sourock whereas terms like you and yours are used to refer to our customers.

The information we collect

We collect information from our customers only at the time when they are making a purchase. This information pertains to their name, address, gender, size, and Email ID. All this information is stored in our database and used only to help us serve customers easily. We use this information to make the shopping experience pleasing and more efficient for our customers. We make use of cookies on our website to collect information about the duration of your stay and your location

Email ID is used solely to contact the customer

We use the email ID of customers to send them receipts of purchases and to send them newsletters containing future sales and discounts. This information helps us in preventing online frauds that have become common these days. Your Email ID is not shared by us with other vendors or merchants.

 All information is kept on faraway servers that are totally secured

The personal details of our customers are stored in a secure database. Access to this database is restricted to authorized individuals only. We do not share sensitive details about our customers with vendors or third parties. Protection of data is a matter of personal trust and faith and we would like to assure you that we are totally committed to protecting your personal information.

We pass your information such as name and address to the shipping agent so as to ensure timely delivery of the products purchased by you. However, this information is not used by the agent or passed on to other vendors.

We understand how important it is to maintain your privacy. This is why all your details are stored in our safe and secure database once you have checked out after making a purchase.

Information that is not stored by us

Just remember that sensitive information such as your credit card number and bank account details are not stored by us. This means you can rest assured of your sensitive information not leaked or shared with a third party. We do not store any financial information about a customer. We make use of third party service provider’s platforms for financial transactions. This is why you can remain relaxed that sensitive details of your credit and debit cards remain safe all the time.

Modifications to this privacy policy

Sourock retains the right to make suitable amendments to this privacy policy any time we think it is necessary for the interests of our customers. We urge our customers to keep visiting this page to know about the updates to the privacy policy. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, you can send them to us through an email at [email protected]